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Advocatus: one who is called to hand, near, called to aid.

This is the meaning of the word attorney.

Helping by providing correct opinions and advice, and by defending in court.
Here at our offices, our team of experts firmly think and believe in this: being a lawyer requires a cultural background and a comprehensive and thorough legal knowledge, absolute autonomy of decision and impartiality, but also a total absence of any form of financial speculation, and the ability to put the interests of the customer above any other consideration. It is essential to listen and understand clients, their work, needs and goals, and know how to work in partnership with other professionals with other skills. The bottom line - and primary interest - is to be able to give made-to-measure advice and suggestions that are legally correct, but also practical, achievable and useful from an economic and commercial point of view.

The Office

The office is in Turin, in Via Somis 12, and has private parking space available also for clients. The firm offers, in the primary and exclusive interest of the client, court consulting and legal defense activities in all areas of civil law...

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The professionals

The Firm's professionals, together with a solid training, continuously updated and in-depth, have gained vast experience '' on the field '' that allows them to assist in complex disputes and claims...

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